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whitebread gangsta rockstar kitten hairball [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
whitebread gangsta rockstar kitten hairball

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(no subject) [Jul. 26th, 2020|08:21 pm]
whitebread gangsta rockstar kitten hairball
friends only.

please comment to be added.
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ok tokyo kids, it's time to find out if anyone wants any of my stuff :P [Aug. 24th, 2009|05:29 pm]
whitebread gangsta rockstar kitten hairball
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we aren't moving until october, but we are going to clean the house out completely about a week beforehand.  we've already started to make appointments for oversized rubbish pick-ups for our broken sofa, two mirrors, etc. etc., but we have a lot of stuff that we need people to either stake REAL claim on [no 'ooh yeah i want it!' only to follow with 'oops sorry, don't need it' when we are ready to hand it over].  the list may grow or shrink later, depending on whether other parties are interested first, and the list i'm making now is divided into things that can be taken immediately, things that will be ready to go in october, and also free stuff.  if anyone wants anything large, they'll have to arrange for it to be picked up, and unless it's something smaller, most things will have to be picked up personally as opposed to shipped.  but please, serious offers/interest only <3  also, if the price i listed is too expensive in your opinion, give me your best offer and we may be able to work something out.


small step machine with upper body/arm exercise bands attached [looks a bit like this but with rubber bands/hand loops attached] - 2,000yen
ionic breeze air purifier [bought for 24,000yen] - 5,000yen
air humidifier - 1,000yen [for alicia]
TDK speaker [for ipod, pc, etc.] - free [for joe]
sony cd/mp3 stereo system [with remote.  can also be connected to the net for downloads/recording, looks like this] - 3,000yen
sharp vcr w/ remote [almost brand-new] - 3,000yen
steel outdoor/balcony table [round] - 2,000yen
japanese region dvd player w/ remote - 3,000yen
final fantasty limited edition playstation 2 in aqua blue, with original controller plus extra controller and games thrown in for free - 4,000yen [for moldypotatochip ]
lowrider chopper style bicycle [bought for 18,000yen] - 4,000yen [it has a bit of rust]
silver standing lamp with four adjustable lights [bought for 16,000yen] - 4,000yen
wooden computer desk [with two moving desktop surfaces, an additional tabletop surface, drawer, and top and bottom shelf for storage/printers/etc.] - has one bad wheel, but if kept in place, is great - 2,000yen
standing oscillating fan with remote control - 2,000yen
small oscillating fan with clip for attaching to high places, and attachable base for countertop use - 500yen
small alarm clock with temperature display - 200yen
[i will post more when i can think of it]


sanyo energy-saving fridge [like this, purchased for 58,000yen] - 15,000yen
delonghi espresso machine with steamer - 3,000yen
washing machine - 5,000yen
lexmark all-in-one colour printer/scanner/copy machine - 5,000yen
steel adjustable shelving unit [just under 5-feet tall, with three shelves] - 3,000yen
movable steel cart/wagon with two shelves and two drawers - 3,000yen
sanyo phone with additional cordless phone set, also has answering machine - 3,000yen
large standing mirror [the one used in our shop - purchased for 15,000yen] - 3,000yen
large wooden bookshelf [purchased for 35,000yen] - 7,000yen
region-free dvd player with remote [sometimes needs lens cleaning disk inserted or it can skip] - 3,500yen
large muji beanbag cushion [without case] - free
medium plastic storage containers w/ lids - free
3-tiered glass table with steel accents - 2,000yen
plastic storage unit with wheels and three drawers [about three feet high and six inches wide] - 500yen
sony 25-inch tv with remote [analog] - 8,000yen
tv stand - 1,000yen
21-inch tv with remote [also analog] - 5,000yen
wooden tv stand with three drawers and glass-doored shelf in between the two - 2,000yen
digital alarm clock [white] - 200yen

more to come as i dig through our stuff, but if anyone is seriously interested, tell me and i will hold it for you [for stuff wanted sooner than later, let me know and we can sort a day out to meet and do the hand-off].  x

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