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kayteanese's Journal

whitebread gangsta rockstar kitten hairball
28 July 1982
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hi. i'm kaytea, and some of you may remember me from my previous life in tokyo, during which i was playing bass in a major debut-primed visual band...or as the girl who frolicked with japanese rockstars and fell into drumkits when the feeling came over her. :P

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i took a break from japan, quit the band, started a new project, '4649', and am now married [gasp!]...so my rockstar stories are more sparse, but i'm working as a hairdresser with my husband at our shop, [A]NARCHY, and still get to work with a lot of artists, although the stories are far less interesting.

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we work as stylists without rules, and are currently serving the freaks of tokyo. our other clients include LM.c, yoji biomehanika, the djs of VINYLIZE, and all the dame ningen in between.

my journal is friends-only, so if you're interested in reading please comment. mainly my journal is full of weird hairstyles, complaints about people i hate to work with, and stories about the people i love.

you need japanese text support to view several bits of my page.

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